Personality Types in Managing Finances

Knowledge of managing finances correctly is important for everyone to know. Being wise in managing finances will make family economic conditions more organized and will bring more benefits to life. But did you know that someone’s personality type is actually directly proportional to the way a person manages his money?

Each type of personality in many ways can affect the way the person manages his money. Financial expert Ray Linder, found that from a financial perspective there are at least 16 personality profiles. Of the 16 personality profiles, they are further classified into 4 groups, each of which characterizes how the person deals with and manages his finances. This article aims to review more deeply about personality types that are closely related to financial management techniques. Good or bad, of course, each group has its own characteristics. Here is the full review.

1. Planner type
Personality groups with planner types are known to be very meticulous. Because of this accuracy, people who are included in the planner type personality or planner are considered to be very fit in becoming long-term investment managers. Not only for other people, but planner type personality groups are also able to manage their personal finance so that future needs can be fulfilled. On the investment side, they are also very observant and disciplined in monitoring developments related to long-term investments that have been carried out. But among the advantages, of course, there are disadvantages. The owners of typical planner personalities are sometimes less reliable for short-term investments, this is because naturally their thinking is entirely directed to oversee their long-term investments.

2. Type of Players
Like the name of the character, those who have that type of financial personality do tend to play around with the money. Ray Linder, as an expert, uses the term compulsive. Where people with such financial personality types there is a tendency to continue to spend money, consumptive with a sense of not caring whether the financial decision is included in the category of high financial risk actions or not.

3. Protector type
Its because this one personality type is indeed very careful and truly protect the money they have. His life tends not to be in the path of financial risk, future problems are well prepared, generally by utilizing or preparing a pension fund from work. This personality at first glance looks very perfect, even in terms of shopping habits though, this personality type tends to be passive even though at one time a booming new brand appears. People with protective personality characteristics will not want to try to spend their money on such things. The negative side of this kind of character is because it is very “straight” in life, there are times when the investment side is not touched, even though it could be financially profitable.